Friday, 30 November 2018

Armistice commemorated

(11 11 2018 ... Kettering remembers)

November saw the centenary of the end of the Great War ... Armistice Day, the 11th day of the 11th month fell on Remembrance Day ... and there was a good and special turn out at the War Memorial outside the Art Gallery

Just over a week later, Phil gave the monthly talk at the Gallery on the theme of 'Armistice! 100 years on' and ga ve a brief account of what prompted the end of hostilities and how we have marked that (both then and now) ...

Members of the audience had been encouraged to bring in family objects special to them, and time was set aside at the end of the talk to enable people to come up and share a few thoughts related to their objects.

The Friends of the Art Gallery and Museum greatly appreciated people taking the time to support this, and thank them for bringing things along.

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

A Summer with the Friends of the Art Gallery and Museum

Well it has been a busy time ... some sunny times with the pop-up museum at Kettering By the Sea .. a new collaboration with KDAS bringing art to Sundays in the Market Place, three Cemetery walks - and an excursion to Nassington and Fotheringhay.

Here are some pictures from our Summer ...

(Kettering Market Place bathed in Sunshine: a Summer with the Friends of the Gallery and Museum)

(... and a little plug for them)

(Lego was the favourite activity for the youngsters)

(Kettering Cemetery ... people assemble for the first of this year's Graveyard Tours)

(Art sales at Kino Lounge: look out for these monthly events every 2nd Sunday)

The Friends Annual Summer Excursion was to the Prebendal Manor in Nassington and to Fotheringhay

(The Friends Summer Excursion: tea and a guided tour of the Prebendal Manor)

(The New Inn in Fotheringhay ... dating from the 15th Century for visitors to the castle)

(The Friends Summer Excursion: the view from the motte of Fotheringhay Castle)

(artist's impression: Fotheringhay Castle on the river Nene in its heyday)

Fotheringhay Castle: the execution of Mary Queen of Scots in 1587)

(back in Kettering for the 'War Graves' Cemetery tour ... ) ...

('Not' Saving Private Chapman ... the headstone to the 4 Chapman sons killed in the Great War)

(War Memorial ... the plaque outside the Art Gallery to Kettering's Cockleshell hero)

(London Road Cemetery: James Dray who died in Kettering Workhouse - but turned out to have been a veteran of the charge of the Light Brigade in 1854)

(Kettering's Blitz Cafe: a fitting place to end our tour of the town's war graves and memorials)

A busy summer ... it is now back to our Autumn schedule centred on monthly talks ...

19th September ... 7:30pm Tim Upton-Smith on local archaeology (Art Gallery)
22nd September ... 'Local Treasures' opens at the Museum
14th October ... Art at the Kino Lounge
17th October ... 7:30pm Anastasia Geyer on Samaitans founder, Chad Varah (Art Gallery)

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(A Busy Summer: thistles grow at Fotheringhay Castle on the site where Mary Queen of Scots lost her head)

Monday, 3 September 2018

Archaeology talk coming up in September

Supporting the exhibition opening this month in the museum, the Friends' evening talk is about local archaeology and is by Tim Upton-Smith ... everyone's invited so do come along.

The usual arrangements apply.

It is September now so talks resume: every third Wednesday up to December, in the Art Gallery.