Tuesday 16 October 2012

Playgrounds of War - a Cold War Heritage

Playgrounds of War by Gina Glover is now on at the Alfred East Gallery.

A core component of the work are the photographic essays on the remains of the nuclear missile base at RAF Harrington (on the Lamport Road).

In coordination with the exhibition, Gina led a photographic workshop which began with a field trip to the launch pads...

 I joined the photographers and lecturers on the trip ...  These are some of my pictures ...


As a first timer to a Kettering Art Workshop, I have to say I found it excellent value and extremely interesting.   I had long had Harrington on my list of heritage sites to explore, and could not have wished for a more interesting way of doing so.   I think I also learned a little about the way skilled practitioners go about finding and setting up their photographs.

I hope we might encourage some of the participants to contribute pictures to the album I have set up on the Museum and Gallery Facebook Page.

Within days of the workshop visit, and with the exhibition on at the Gallery until 17th November, it has been announced this week that the Thor Missile Bases at Harrington and North Luffenham have been listed by English Heritage.  Guardian News articleBBC News.

If you ever wondered how up to date the Kettering Museum and Art Gallery content was, now you know.  Already open by the time the BBC broke the heritage status story on the national news.

What did a Thor Missile look like?

Imagine that!

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