Thursday 16 May 2019

May 2019 - How things are made.

('History' ... at the heart of Kettering)

If there has been a theme running through May it has been how things are made.

The first weekend of the month, as well as the now usual open day at ARTworks in the Newlands Centre, the Art Gallery hosted a meet the artists (at work) day as part of 'It's a Joy' - Brenda McKetty, Pat Bustin and Annette Sykes ... with woodworker David Haynes joining them in showing how they work ...

(It's a Joy: meet the artists)

(David Haynes demonstrating traditional skills)

Meanwhile, just down the road at ARTworks ...

On the 15th May, the Friends hosted an evening talk with John McGowan who explained many of the processes of print making from learning lithography and lino cuts to screen printing and to the rich technologies of today.

(John McGowan showing aspects of the print process at the Alfred East Gallery)

A large part of John's fascinating presentation was a step-by-step analysis of how some of his familiar and recent images were made ...

... and the creative decisions that define how images develop over time ...

(John McGowan)

This was a very well received talk and it is hoped that future Kettering events will be able explore these 'nuts and bolts' aspects of the artistic process in coming months.

Next month, Sue Lydia Taylor will discuss 'An Aspect of Women in Art'.  Sue will focus on some well known women artists who have used their self-image to break down some conventions that have impacted on the world today.

June 19th Alfred East Gallery 7:30pm

Meanwhile, here's a quick glimpse of the youngsters' contributions at ARTworks ...