Tuesday 18 September 2018

A Summer with the Friends of the Art Gallery and Museum

Well it has been a busy time ... some sunny times with the pop-up museum at Kettering By the Sea .. a new collaboration with KDAS bringing art to Sundays in the Market Place, three Cemetery walks - and an excursion to Nassington and Fotheringhay.

Here are some pictures from our Summer ...

(Kettering Market Place bathed in Sunshine: a Summer with the Friends of the Gallery and Museum)

(... and a little plug for them)

(Lego was the favourite activity for the youngsters)

(Kettering Cemetery ... people assemble for the first of this year's Graveyard Tours)

(Art sales at Kino Lounge: look out for these monthly events every 2nd Sunday)

The Friends Annual Summer Excursion was to the Prebendal Manor in Nassington and to Fotheringhay

(The Friends Summer Excursion: tea and a guided tour of the Prebendal Manor)

(The New Inn in Fotheringhay ... dating from the 15th Century for visitors to the castle)

(The Friends Summer Excursion: the view from the motte of Fotheringhay Castle)

(artist's impression: Fotheringhay Castle on the river Nene in its heyday)

Fotheringhay Castle: the execution of Mary Queen of Scots in 1587)

(back in Kettering for the 'War Graves' Cemetery tour ... ) ...

('Not' Saving Private Chapman ... the headstone to the 4 Chapman sons killed in the Great War)

(War Memorial ... the plaque outside the Art Gallery to Kettering's Cockleshell hero)

(London Road Cemetery: James Dray who died in Kettering Workhouse - but turned out to have been a veteran of the charge of the Light Brigade in 1854)

(Kettering's Blitz Cafe: a fitting place to end our tour of the town's war graves and memorials)

A busy summer ... it is now back to our Autumn schedule centred on monthly talks ...

19th September ... 7:30pm Tim Upton-Smith on local archaeology (Art Gallery)
22nd September ... 'Local Treasures' opens at the Museum
14th October ... Art at the Kino Lounge
17th October ... 7:30pm Anastasia Geyer on Samaitans founder, Chad Varah (Art Gallery)

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(A Busy Summer: thistles grow at Fotheringhay Castle on the site where Mary Queen of Scots lost her head)

Monday 3 September 2018

Archaeology talk coming up in September

Supporting the exhibition opening this month in the museum, the Friends' evening talk is about local archaeology and is by Tim Upton-Smith ... everyone's invited so do come along.

The usual arrangements apply.

It is September now so talks resume: every third Wednesday up to December, in the Art Gallery.