Wednesday 21 November 2012

Carol East's Stumpwork - 15th November 2012

Friends Evening Talks at the Alfred East Gallery, Kettering

Many of you will have seen examples of Carol's work in the craft showcase in September.

Carol kindly agreed to join the Friends of Kettering Art Gallery and Museum for the evening and share her world of stumpwork.

(a fascinating evening at the Alfred East Gallery: the November Friends talk)

As well as relating her own roller-coaster journey through the various personal and creative episodes that led her to this particular form of embroidery, Carol brought along numerous examples of her work and explained the historical context ...

Originally Jacobean, the essence of stumpwork is the raising of the needlework off the backing by means of stuffing, wire supports and related trickery.

(3 Dimensional embroidery: stumpwork by Carol East)

Early stumpwork featured buildings and people as well as floral motifs and insects and beetles etc.  A contemporary exponent, Carol tend to focus more on highly detailed floral items.

This was an illuminating and quite fascinating look into the world of a form of needlecraft entirely unknown to me.   The skill involved is remarkable and the 3D effect often very striking.  A very interesting evening at the Gallery!

If you missed this talk, but get the opportunity to see her work elsewhere, or listen to Carol's take on the topic, it is highly recommended

(Carol East with some samples of her work at the Alfred East Gallery)