Tuesday 29 June 2021

New Exhibition Opens


A bright glimpse of light at the end of the Covid tunnel.  Exhibitions are back, and with the Alfred East Gallery out of the picture pending the major upgrade, ARTworks at Newlands is hosting KDAS's annual exhibition - the 116th.  Amazing to think how long they have been around and how many great artists have exhibited in their shows.

(all new displays)
ARTworks is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday, throughout July, from 10 til 4, and, of course it is a completely new display albeit many of the exhibitors are ARTworks favourites.

For the show, ARTworks is running an exhibition sales system, rather than their usual buy it and take it away ... so if you want to buy, you will need to pay a deposit, a red sticker will be displayed on the work and you can come in to pay the balance and take the picture at the end of July when the show closes.  When the normal rolling exhibition returns in August, the system will revert.

(Masks still on:  KDAS 116, David Brown opens the show)

There was brief and Socially Distanced preview and event opening on Sunday afternoon at which David Brown, Chair of the Friends announced the winners judged by Katie Boyce, formerly of the Alfred East Gallery, these days organiser of Open Studios amongst many other arts initiatives.

Jane Bell won the 'Boyce's Choice' with a delightful watercolour, 'A place in the Sun'

(Jane Bell - A Place in the Sun)

And Alison Bull won the Friends of Kettering Art Gallery and Museum prize for another of her brilliantly accomplished pastel compositions, this time a local scene, 'The path Walked, Pitsford' 


(Alison Bull - The Path Walked, Pitsford)

Don't forget ... there is another prize - the star prize of £200 from the Newlands Centre which will go to the work you, the visitors choose.  You can pick up a slip when you come in and reward what you think is the best in the show.  KDAS and ARTworks really want to know what you think (and the artists would realy appreciate you vote) - so call in soon, 10 til 4 at the weekends.

KDAS 116 runs til the 25th July

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